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Job Market Candidates

2022-2023 Candidates

To learn more about our students seeking placements, please click on a candidate’s name (to be taken to their profile), CV, personal website, job market paper (to read their research) or thesis advisor (to learn more about their advisor).

  Candidate Job Market Paper Advisor Specialization
Maria K. headshot
  Brenna Ellison
Food Marketing, Consumer Demand, Value-Added Agriculture
Vaibhav Keshav Headshot
Corporate Investment and Trade Policy Uncertainty Carl Nelson
Heitor Almeida
Economics of Uncertainty, Corporate Finance, and Banking
Alejandro Montano headshot
How does a rural poverty alleviation program affect parents' expectations about their children? Evidence from BRAC-TUP in Bangladesh Mary Arends-Kuenning
Development Economics, Regional Development, Household Economics
Minfang Wei Headshot
Income and Food Insecurity among SNAP Recipients: A Consideration of the SNAP Benefit Formula Craig Gundersen
Food Assistance Policy, Food Insecurity, Household Economics
Chengzheng Yu headshot
Economic Incentives for Robotic Weed Control in Row Crop Agriculture Madhu Khanna
Environmental and Natural Resource, Technology Adoption, and Agricultural Sustainability